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Week Two-Daniel Fast

As I listened to the exhortation this morning, I was led to share some thoughts with you for the second week of our fast. I have been watching the saints very careful lately because the Lord spoke to me concerning the passage in John 10:14 which states, "I am the Good Shepherd; and I know and recognize my own, and my own know and recognize Me." As we enter the second week of our fast, it is my desire that each of you get to know [have a deep personal relationship] God. As I told you earlier that all fasts should be for spiritual reasons and not natural ones, so this week, I want you to pray to become more intimately acquainted with God by praying for an impartation of the Holy Spirit that will produce a more spiritually sensitive you. I want you to begin to long for the presence of God to flood your life so that you literally feel as though you are walking side-by-side and hand-in-hand with God just as Adam did in the Garden of Eden. Pray for your time of communing with God to actually feel like refreshing walks in the cool of the evening as you tell God of the workings of your day and then expect Him to tell you how to handle your tomorrows. Pray for the Lord of the breakthrough to grant you access into every area that He reveals to you areas that should have been available to you but have been held back because of delay.

Daily Confession and Prayer:

Father, in the name of Jesus, I come today seeking a more closer and intimate walk with you and I make this request based upon James 4:8, which says, "Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you." I am using this time of fasting as an opportunity to draw spiritually closer to you so that you can speak to me concerning areas of my life that need attention and so that there is no interference between you and I. I want to be found in you according to Philippians 3:10, which states my heart's desire to experience true righteousness, which is not achieved in my obedience to the Law and its rituals but is found in becoming more acquainted with you by understanding the remarkable wonders of your Person more completely. This will lead me to becoming able to experience the power of your resurrection, which overflows and is active in the believer. You have chosen me in the furnace of affliction, not when things were cool in my life but when things were very hot in my life and you are refining me and you alone know the finished product that I am to become but it will cause me to be more precious to you and your plan for my life. I request an outpouring of your grace that will enable me to remain soft and pliable in your hands; even if you have to break me to remake me I trust your workmanship in my life. I yield my ways to your direction for you shall show me the path of life. I yield my thoughts to your thoughts of me because your thoughts are pure and lovely. This is not only a prayer of confession but it is a love letter from me to you and this won't be the last time that I pour out my heart to you because I now know that you love me.    

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