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Overseer Michael & Janice Ellerbe

Words of Wisdom


“Is Your Faith Complete?”


As I ministered on the centurion’s blind faith in the Jesus’ ability to heal his servant, the Lord raised this question in my spirit. At first, I started to say absolutely yes, but the more that I thought on it, my answer began to have holes in it. I know all the things that the writer of Hebrews 11 says about faith but I remember something the lord revealed to me earlier concerning faith. At that time, the Lord said that faith is really risky business and when I read Hebrews 11 again to substitute the word risk everywhere that faith is used. As I read the chapter I began to see that everyone that made the Hall of Faith had to take risks to obtain the promises of God. I want to raise this same question to you today; “Is your faith complete?” For our faith to become complete it must have these elements in it: 1) it must be a working faith, which means it must be an active faith. Secondly, it must be a trusting faith, which means that it must be able to stand firm, even when things don’t line up with what you believe for. Finally, it must be an enduring faith because your faith will be tried in the fire of preparation. The thing that amazed me the most about the elements of our faith is the fact that faith is always in the now and never in the then. Faith starts out believing that the things that we desire are already ours and when they manifest they are relived now because now always precedes then. Now that you have worked your faith; it has caused you to trust the Lord to be true to His Word because you have endured every trial and have come out victorious. The last thing that I must tell you about your faith is that every time that you abort your stance in faith; the cycle starts over. You will never receive that which you believe for until you reach full maturity in the things concerning faith.


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